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Do Bad Things

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Grace Cooper will do anything to protect her sister, no matter the consequences of her actions. So when she sets out to steal a truck she steals the heart of one sexy, over-protective, alpha man named Jameson Wyatt.

Jameson takes one look at Grace and knows he's looking at his future in one curvy, gorgeous, red-headed hellion named Grace Cooper. She comes to steal a truck from his shop she steals his heart along with it. He knows he's going to have his hands full with this woman but he's ready and willing to accept any challenge she throws his way.

Grace cant seem to stay out of trouble, once her temper takes over she seems to lose all common sense. She knows Jameson is going to show her the error of her ways and, if she's being honest, is looking forward to the consequence of her actions.

Jameson is going to curb her trouble making tendencies one way or another. If it takes his palm warming her backside then that's what he'll do.

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