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Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Self-Hypnosis Book

39 pages22 minutes


Self-Hypnosis Is Key To Understanding Your Mind 15 Powerful Tools To Change Your Life been scientifically proven to help you shift your behavior to gain the change you are looking for in your life. In this ground-breaking Itty Bitty Book, Amy Mayne Robinson, C.Ht, shares her passion and expertise with you to gain valuable insight into how hypnosis has been affecting you most of your life and how you can bring about new results. You have all of the power, now tap into it. Amy gives you 15 concrete ways to take the driver’s seat and achieve your deepest desires all with the power of your own mind! What her clients say: “Amy helps me remove barriers that I placed, and shows me the tools to be everything I am intended to be, without self-imposed limits. I am eternally grateful." “Amy provided me the tools to confront my fear and finally sleep soundly. I am fortunate to have the power of hypnosis in my life!” “Just a few sessions redirected my life perspective to a far happier place.” Break out of old patterns and claim your power now, this book will be your guide to personal transformation!

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