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The Rabbit Hole

426 pages7 hours


The young and precocious Alexia has spent two years battling for survival on the streets of New York City. Dabbling in everything from drugs to prostitution, she is a lost soul wandering the urban wilderness. The only thing that can save her is to know someone cares. Anyone at all. Her fortunes seem to take a turn for the better when she meets the charming YiYi Cash, but the opportunity of a lifetime comes with a hefty price tag.

Ever since Ming was recruited by an underground organization that caters to the wealthy, her sister YiYi hasn't heard a word from her. The authorities have no interest in another missing hooker, so it is up to YiYi to find her. A savant with a gift for puzzles, YiYi is suddenly plagued by strange visions that put her skills and sanity to the ultimate test. In a scheme to rescue her sister, she takes advantage of the desperate and trusting Alexia, leading them both into a dark web of secrets more frightening than either could have imagined.

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