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Adventures of the Ooga-Wooga Kid Book 1: The Professor's New Wife Was A Former Slave Girl, And She Had A Lot To Teach His College Friends

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When Professor George Huntington came back from his expedition to Bagooly-Nooly deep in West Africa in 1925, he brought a treasure trove of ancient manuscripts from an ancient silver mine that made his reputation as a scholar of antiquities.

He also brought with him a new wife, Safi, a former slave girl whom he bought from slavery and sexual bondage in Bagooly-Nooly.

It was easy to understand why Professor Huntington chose to rescue Safi from the brothels of Bagooly-Nooly and none of her literal sisters ... Safi has white skin and red hair, perhaps a genetic throwback to a distant ancestor kidnapped many years ago. She was quite beautiful, friendly and engaging as well. But she had much to learn of America.

The academics at Humboldt College, particularly Antiquities department head Percy Webster and his wife Lily, considered them to be very advanced, very forward and very much a part of the wild life of the Roaring 20s in America. But like most Americans of that time they are deeply inhibited about many sexual practices. They will discover that they have a lot to learn from the humble slave girl from the fleshpots of Bagooly-Nooly, who knows all the ropes where kinky sex is concerned.

This novella is a little over 21,000 words long and is Book 1 in a projected two-book series.. It is a sequel to Treasure of Bagooly-Nooly, also available at Smashwords, and a prequel to the upcoming "Adventures of Bondor Woman" (which is not book 2 of the series that "Ooga-Wooga Kid" begins.) All can be read as stand-alones.

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