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Last Surrender: Half-Blood Princess

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With vampire society finally on solid footing and everyone in new and exciting places in their lives, Sophia finally gets to enjoy her life as a married mother of two, she’s working with the help of her father and brothers to guide and lead her new line of vampires with Sage at her side as her solid rock of encouragement. Things are finally cooling down the problems that face them are small, but the small things aren’t always simple . . . 
While Rachel pushes for entrance into the vampire world she faces Dante’s resistance to the idea meanwhile Sophia deals with the appearance of more of Zillah’s vampires in Maldera Springs. Even from the grave Zillah pushes Sophia and brings the group of friends back together calling everyone back to Maldera Spring for one more fight for the people and town they love. 

‘Rachel sighed and so did Dante they’d been having this conversation—or argument—ever since Bryn had been kidnapped. She knew the risk of loving him and wanted to be better equipped to handle herself if she was ever in a situation like that. Dante had told her it would never happen and it wasn’t a good reason to change, but it wasn’t her only reason, she loved Dante and she really did want to be with him forever. And after what happened to Melanie, Rachel was more determined now, because it wasn’t just the supernatural world that was dangerous it was the world in general.’

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