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Death to freedomis a short story that starts in the future and ends in the past. This is the first of two novels. This first novel is about the near future, where society has been transformed. A common man writes a compelling article about how to fix society. This article takes notice and a movement that radically takes over all the world's goverments and abolishes religion. The New World Social Society (N.W.S.S.) is a Social/Fasist Regen that takes over the whole world. A persons ability to master skill levels in the educational system determines a persons placement in society.The story revolves around a group of teenagers and their grandparents. The teens are all in different parts of the educational system; while their grandparents live in a commune outside of the city. The grandparents commune is comprised of retired military and scientist. They are working in a secret underground complex trying to produce a black-hole in order to find another planet to live on. All the while the N.W.S.S. is getting closer to finding them out.The next novel is about them going back in time to ancient Greece in search of Alantis. If they can't find it, then they are going to make their own.
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