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Guarding Greatness

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Gage Martin is protective of his friends, his past, and his heart. He’s seen true love, but doesn’t trust it – so he vowed long ago to live his life in darkness with no ties or roots as he puts out political fires around the world.

Genna VanJohnson is an every-woman - as much as she can be while also being the cousin to a Prince. She knows that a giant spotlight is never far away from her family, and does everything she can to live a normal life for as long as she can – before the spotlight finds her.

Gage and Genna find their worlds colliding when the small island chain Genna calls home becomes the center of a political game of cat and mouse. They’ve been partners in the past, but when the job – and the partner – get personal, they will have to decide if their pasts will bind them together, or tear them apart.

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