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Janice is Missing: A Crime and Suspense Thriller

161 pages2 hours


Tim Sheldon has finally found the woman of his dreams -- Now it's up to Joy Ellis to rescue her!

Suspense.. Cybersex. Thriller.

Joy Ellis is a reporter who was looking for a great story. Now she has it. But she also has something more important -- a mission. Joy's  decided to do what the entire St. Isidore Police Department has not been able to accomplish -- stop a serial killer.

But what if he stops her first?

Joy has a young reporter on her side, Amanda, and an old, grizzled, cop Jimmy Mack helping her. If they fail, Janice dies. If the worst happens, they're all dead.

Janice is Missing: A Crime and Suspense Thriller is a dark, disturbing crime novel by Rod Kackley that explores the mind of a serial killer hiding in plain sight, the motivations of a young reporter who will do anything for success, and of course, the spirit of Janice.

She's a woman who was ready to take her own life. Now she's fighting to live.

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