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Demons of Democracy

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Demons of Democracy describes the Orwellian nightmare America has experienced through the vices of lawyers and politicians. Tyranny has never been so close to this nation until the populace empowered a few to stifle and suffocate our rights as citizens. Mainly in the judicial arena democracy has moved on. Presently enumerated rights have little consequence within a subculture of a rogue legal profession which has placed itself above the rest. Laws are subverted for agendas that redefine who we are as a nation. Judges legislate from the bench as exemplified by Obamacare and current immigration dynamics. The Constitution is used as a doormat instead of a road map that functioned one time as the ultimate legal advisor to this nation. Demons of Democracy uncovers who has stepped over the line to assail our very right to exist. Mark Davis, the author, displays how a dysfunctional government went the wrong way.

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