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Ghost Shack

132 pages1 hour


In this novelette in the next adventure of Ben and Bob the duo travels to Mexico where Ben mysteriously disappears. Amidst bizarre happenings Bob investigates to see if the events are connected to Ben’s disappearance and stumbles upon what he believes is Ben’s shockingly, tragic fate. Ben is an entrepreneur, whose knowledge success and insight are sought worldwide. Bob, published in many scientific journals, is a renowned inventor with numerous patents and winner of The Noble Prize in Physics. Together, Ben and Bob team their skills to combat a menacing threat or solve an age old mystery. Follow the exploits of these two modern day knights as they crisscross the globe confronting intrigue and danger while exhibiting extraordinary physical ability. After reading one, you will want to read another and another...until you have read them all. Join the duo in their adventures as they travel to faraway places...their next exciting experience and yours is only a CLICK away.

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