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Practical Universal Knowledge

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The definition of insanity according to Einstein is doing the same things over and over again, but expecting a different result…

This is why we must break all the rules.

PRACTICAL UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE is a lifestyle guide designed to create a sustainable, happy life through positive practices. In this guide you will discover how to give meaning to life, remove internal conflict, turn challenges into effortless action, fight fear and insecurity from within, check your ego at the door creating room for your true self, break bad habits, unstuck yourself, cope with pain, shake things up, become timeless to give way to a free and formless existence, expand your horizons, open yourself to new experiences and perceive events that occur in a way that benefits yourself and helps others.

Are you ready to discover what you’re truly made of?

Elvira Kalnik is a visionary, music producer, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, actor, model and a life coach.  After a near death experience at age four, Elvira contemplated the meaning of life. This lead her to deep research and discovery in methods to help others cope with depression, anxiety, and mental or physical disorders by focusing on spirituality and mind functions. She examines where thoughts generate, how they affect emotion, and how to change behaviors.

She created the program: Find Your Source and Power, which is designed for public speakers and performers that suffer from low self-esteem, stage fright and social anxiety.

                                                            Sarah Isaacson

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