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Modular Kaizen Vs Kaizen Blitz: How to Choose Between These Two Kaizen Business Process Improvement Methodologies for Accelerated Productivity, Profitability and Organizational Excellence: Business Process Management and Continuous Improvement Executive Guide series, #7

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Modular Kaizen Vs Blitz Kaizen book details challenges, benefits and challenges of startegic implementation of Modular and Blitz Kaizen. It provides useful tips about when and how to choose Modular or Blitz Kaizen depending on the problems existing at wyour workplace.

About the author:  Shruti Bhat PhD MBA Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

She is a gold-medalist, with PhD in Pharmaceutical sciences, MBA and Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Shruti specializes in designing and implementing Lean, ISO, TQM, Kaizen, Quality-by-design, cGMP and Lean Six Sigma business improvement methodologies in Innovation, Product Development, Manufacturing, Supply chain logistics and Quality departments of life scienes, medical devices, engineering and chemical companies..

Shruti has effectively led start-up, small to medium size as well as corporate divisions of large companies. She has facilitated business expansions into new geographies, as well as turned-around failing companies to successful enterprises.

She has helped build enterprise teams and coached more than 12000 employees worldwide. Through her customized "ROI strategy design", Shruti provides cutting- edge concepts of innovation to create affordable quality products that are "Tough to copy".

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