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Tom’s Law: How to Succeed as a Personal Trainer

186 pages3 hours


Discover the secrets to success in the personal training industry.

After spending a lifetime working on all aspects of group and personal training, here, in this one book, Tom Law presents the habits and techniques that have helped his business thrive.

Learn how to handle all types of clients, how to prepare for new challenges, and how to keep things fresh and energised. Learn it from someone who has made all the mistakes and then some. Keep “Tom’s Law” close by, and you will find yourself using it often as a reference.

Here, you’ll find out how Tom adapted his military training for civilian use. You’ll also explore a wealth of knowledge on some of the more difficult aspects of the health and wellness industry, along with great tips and suggestions.

“Tom’s Law” is a must-read for everyone who wants to be a successful personal trainer.

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