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A New Life

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Kara had a wonderful life 43 years old she was just a regular house wife from New Zealand. Shaun and Josh were the reason for her living, waving them off to go and enjoy their normal weekend of fishing. Until she got the dreaded call and knowing that she will never see, hold and say I love you ever again.
That happened a few months ago, now she was here in North Carolina with her new family all with these incredible abilities. Kara still had not known how she became immortal and how she had the ability to shape-shift, teleport and more. Still so many unanswered questions who were her real parents? Was she even human? Nothing in this world made sense, not even the faces that watched her.

Everything she was, everyone she knew no longer existed in this place, not here in north Carolina, back in New Zealand is where reality was, the only reality she cared to go back to.
The first person she met was Nathan, but he was just a stranger to her. Nathan wanted to let Kara know how he really felt from the first moment he saw her, only one obstacle stood in the way Henry who wanted Kara for himself, it left the question why?, when he could have any of the other women in the group. Henry's feelings were false, but Nathan would stand in his way if he so much as hurt one hair on her body.

Kara maybe what she had read about in the paranormal books she loved, with no idea what deep dark secret was kept from her. Henry only wanted one thing her life, Nathan wanted her love.
She was a grieving widow, brought into a life of the paranormal facing forces she had not known existed till now, only her instincts and help from others she could trust, who were natures true wonders would have to be enough to help her face the danger she was in. But are they and her instincts enough to keep her and Nathan alive!

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