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5 Erotic Stories Vol 2

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Five stories so dirty that they shouldn’t only be read at night. A hogtied city woman experiences the ways of rural men and comes to love it; a cheater gets hers in a sexy orgy that involves many rough and tough men; A filthy tease learns that some men you just don’t push; the beast shows just how evil and sexy he can be; and That Sexy Man is something this woman will do anything to have - anything. Five stories you will love and enjoy.

The '5 Erotic Short Stories Vol 2' collection contains these stories and more:

# Hogtied City Girl (Threesome)
Two hot country lads find a wild and sexy city girl on their property and respectfully ask her to behave. Not understanding her position, she takes offense and runs for her life. Unfortunately, these good, honest men can't let her run amuck. Taking her home, they treat her right and treat her even more right when things calm down enough for their desire and her wild need to be understood.

# Cheater (Cheating)
Beth should have never cheated. Rick has secrets and this once biker gang member isn't afraid to make a woman relent her foul behavior for a better course. When naughty becomes nice, or something like that.

# Tease (Alpha Male)
A woman should know that some men you just don't tease. A steamy, all sex short with an unexpected ending that will turn you into melting butter downstairs.

# Beast (Obsession)
I use them. All women. Every one of them. It's not hate or love of hurt, but a desire - a dark desire - to use and do filth upon womankind. My plans are perfection. Evil. This time is no exception. This is my worst.

# That Sexy Man (Angry Sex)
A woman to scared to try something daring and a man that thinks she's leading him on. When shy meets angry and full of desire. Insta-obsession at its best!

These and other stories can be found in this collection.

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