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A Midnight Masquerade, Wild Sex with a Stranger, Dark Seductions: Book 1

23 pages19 minutes


Krista Cole feels guilty that she can’t enjoy her best friend’s birthday party, but the elaborate masquerade ball only serves to swell her melancholy. She can’t get her longtime crush, Britain Bentley, out of her head. Foolish, she knows, since he’s never so much as cast her a sideways glance.

Despite herself, she vows to put on her pretty porcelain mask and pretend to enjoy herself. A mysterious stranger has a conviction of his own, to get Krista out of her elaborate golden gown and on her back. The secretive masquerader proves very persuasive as long denied lust leads Krista Cole to abandon the party and into the awaiting arms of a stranger for a night of reckless, wanton passion.

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