Becoming Comfortable with Unity

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Becoming Comfortable with Unity

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Length: 121 pages57 minutes


 ** Download this book today and create and navigate through a simple 3D World with Unity in no time **

7 Reasons Why You Need This Book:

- You will gain the skills and confidence to get started with Unity.
- Unity is a Powerful software that makes it possible to create games and 2D/3D environments and to export them to multiple platforms.
- This book will show you exactly how to become more comfortable with Unity, using simple and clear steps.
- All sections follow a clear and logical progression.
- You can use this book even if you never created games (or used Unity) before.
- The method used in this book has been tried-and-tested in previous books (average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon).
- All important steps are illustrated with both text and screenshots. 

What You Will Learn
You will learn how to:

- Master Unity's Interface.
- Create a simple 3D world by combining basic shapes.
- Navigate the 3D World using a First- or Third-Person Controller.
- Export your game for the web. 

How You Will Learn
Using this book, you will learn a lot and fast thanks to:

- A tried-and-tested method already successfully employed with over 1000 students all over the world.
- Quizzes and challenges at the end of each chapter to test your knowledge and to inspire you for your next game.
- Plenty of screenshots for the important concepts so that you see how it is done.
- A corresponding video course, if you need it, that shows you exactly how things are done.
- A Facebook group of like-minded people who are there to help you if you have any question.
- A structure that makes it possible for you to learn at your own pace and build your confidence. 

Some Frequently-Asked Questions Answered

- What do I need to follow the book: you just need to have Unity installed (you can download it for free from
- I don't have a Kindle device: this book can be read on any PCs or Macintosh computer using Kindle Reader (it's free).
- I have never created games before: I will teach you everything from zero.
- What if I still find it too difficult: In my 5+ years of experience in teaching games development and programming, I have, developed a system that works for most students, even those who thought they could never code; so I can guarantee that, regardless of your background, you will make great progress with this book. 

This book will get you started with Unity in no time; so if you really want to create and publish your own game: download this book now!

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