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Montanamo: Some Secrets Must Be Kept

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Not on my watch!... So declared Montana Senator Beauregard Bryant when the small town of Twin Rivers, Montana sought a lucrative federal contract to house Guantanamo Bay prisoners in its languishing prison. Undaunted, newly elected town Mayor Phoenix Jamborsky hires local lawyer Gabriel Lantagne to help secure the controversial contract against the wishes of the powers that be in Montana. But the nationally publicized issue lures a threat worse than bankruptcy towards Twin Rivers. Gabe slowly learns that the town s old secrets, Phoenix s ambition, and forces beyond his knowledge blur the line between friend and foe, and that Phoenix s prison plan has changed far more than the town s bottom line. As national politics and small town mysteries speed towards mutual resolution, the fate of Twin Rivers may not be decided by Senators, Mayors, and lawyers, but a young man from Pakistan with a politics all his own.

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