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The Farm Series

89 pages


This is a collection of George's short stories that are loosely based on real life experiences that he and his wife, Jean, have had on their farm near Fallon, Nevada, with the exception of Sarah Pig which takes place in Henderson, Nevada. Each story is unique and special to itself.

The Tale of Emily and Henry: An inspiring story about a Goose named Emily and a desert pack rat named Henry and their unusual but inspiring friendship.

The Little Helper: A charming narrative about a young boy and a seemingly insignificant ladybug who come together to ensure the continuation of the all-encompassing sequence of life.

Snip: An uplifting story about a wolf dog who discovers his true identity.

Robbie the Roller: An action packed tale about a young roller pigeon who is placed with homing pigeons and has an identity crisis. The fortitude he gains against these odds ends up saving a friend's life.

Sarah Pig: This story is about a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig who lives in Henderson, Nevada, and her special quest.

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