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A New Calm: A Story of Breakthrough Neuroscience Technology Patented to Quickly and Naturally Reduce Stress and Improve Performance

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Everyone wants to feel GREAT, be healthy and have abundant energy. Eating right and exercising are important, but most important to your health is your response to stress, and that is governed by your body’s autonomic nervous system.
In A New Calm, international anti-aging and energy expert Michael Galitzer, M.D., introduces an all-natural, clinically-proven and patented neuroscience breakthrough that quickly and effectively breaks the stranglehold stress imposes on the brain and body.
Dr. Galitzer’s goal is to optimize health and improve performance in his patients. Upon hearing of a technology that restores restful sleep to cancer patients, he tried it in his practice, which includes top actors, business leaders and athletes across six continents. Feedback was so positive that Dr. Galitzer felt compelled to share it with everyone.
This non-invasive and easy-to-use technology, called NuCalm®, allows the body to reduce stress, regenerate and restore itself. After years of testing and scientific research, NuCalm received the only U.S. patent “for balancing and maintaining the health of the human autonomic nervous system.”
Dr. Galitzer and co-author Larry Trivieri Jr. invite you to read for yourself how the four components of NuCalm® work to relieve stress, improve sleep, and increase performance and clarity.

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