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Moon Watch: Book 2 of the Wolf Creek Mysteries

330 pages4 hours


Two years ago, James Manarro risked his life to kill the werewolf that stalked Wolf Creek. Now sixteen, James struggles with the pressures of being a teen: dating, math, and the knowledge that he, too, is a werewolf. Then the murders start again, and the victims are all tied to James, who worries that he just might be responsible. When his favorite teacher discovers James’s secret and tells James he can help him learn to control the wolf, James jumps at the chance. But things are becoming more and more suspicious to his girlfriend Shaniqua and her friend Watts, who set about trying to uncover the truth. Little do they know that the killer has arranged to meet James in a brutal showdown that will shock the entire town and leave James wondering if he will ever be able to restrain the wolf…

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