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I Had A Date Last Night: A first hand account of internet dating for the single woman

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For many years I've been told I should write a book about my love life, so for everyone who has been on my back to do so (especially my hairdresser) I've finally put pen to paper.

This exclusive book was written through the eyes of The Secret Singleton, that's me! My funny, exciting on-line dating experiences mixed with advice to do with the dating scene, allows the reader a unique insight into this unbelievable world, where the promise of romance and meeting your soulmate beckons.

The advice in this book is based on my own personal journey and knowledge scanning over twenty-five years.

The inside story from the Secret Singleton: -

• Filling out a profile on a dating site.
• How to respond when someone makes contact online.
• Different types of men, Play Boy, Commitment Phobic, Control Freak, Toy Boy, Serial Dater, Divorced Guy, The Widower
• Why you should listen to your inner voice.
• Facing the pain of going through a break up.
• Samples of some emails I receive on a daily basis.
• OMG I've met Richard Gere.
• The Secret Singleton dating mantras.
• The most expensive date I've ever been on.
• First date horror stories.
• Brad Pitt he isn't.
• Blimey I know his ex-wife!
• It's raining men and I still haven't managed to make it to date two.
• He's dating me but speaking online to my girlfriend!
• Top Ten Dating Sites, UK, Europe and USA.

The stories I tell are about situations that have happened because of my single status. At the end of each page there is a line telling the reader what I have learnt and hope not to repeat.

You can't always get it right with dating but knowledge is power and if you learn a few things from "I had a date last night" and laugh then I'm happy I've made a difference to your world.

I speak about the many people I have met that are on the same globetrotting experience as myself. I am neither a doctor nor a psychologist but I do speak from the heart and have a wealth of knowledge.

I want to encourage you to go forth and dip your toe into the dating scene where you can enjoy an exciting new world.

Finally, to all you singletons out there looking for your beloved, I dedicate this book to you. I wish you bucket loads of luck and hope within these pages you find some words of wisdom to help you on your journey to finding the love of your life.

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