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What Jesus Wished People Knew About God

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What is God really like? How would Jesus of Nazareth describe Him? We are not left to guess. Christ painted a stunning portrait of His Father in His Parable of the Prodigal Son. His breathtaking vision of the heart of God overturns many a mistaken idea about the Almighty. If we are to know God as He truly is, Jesus’ story is essential reading. This powerful book takes a fresh look at our Lord’s famous story. Read it slowly and bask in this beautiful picture of our Heavenly Father. Let it awaken your senses to the wonder of this God of goodness and grace. Let it heighten your awareness of the mystery of His love. Jesus’ parable is loaded with spiritual dynamite that could seriously alter your concept of God. It may rearrange your theology. It may make your heart skip a beat. It may lead you to experience the extravagant embrace of the Father and bring you to a freedom and joy you have never known. Find a comfortable spot, put your religious preconceptions on hold, and prepare for a heart-stopping journey into the heart of God.

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