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The Macabre Dance: a Contemporary Woman meets a Contemporary Man

242 pages4 hours


On a stormy night, with the rain pouring down and the sky split by lightning, a woman arrives home to find a strange man in her remote country cottage. But this is no routine thriller. What happens during that night is impossible to predict. Trapped together during the endless hours of darkness they must try to find a way to communicate with each other. It won’t be easy.

Have women and men ever been more alienated than they are today? Has there ever been a time in history when so many women have wanted to rid themselves of men and so many men have wanted nothing to do with women?

The Macabre Dance is a dramatic depiction of this estrangement of the sexes. It is, by turns, both shocking and humorous with a shrewd wit that can be severe in its judgements of the poisoning of gender relations over the last half a century. For some readers there will be a terrifying sense of recognition. 

The novel's message is as timely as it is tragic. Is this a nightmare vision of terminal gender alienation? Or is it just a story from the society in which you live? 

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