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My Stroke of Inspiration

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Ann Marie Thomas had a stroke in work in May 2010. In the long hours in hospital, she began to write poetry on her mobile phone, laboriously one letter at a time. She had written poetry before, but occasionally. Now it poured out of her, 22 poems in all. Verse, doggerel, blank verse. About her stroke, her treatment, her faith, and totally random things like the rain outside her window. The poems talk about suffering and patience, therapy and faith. If you are a stroke survivor or know someone who is, these poems will comfort, encourage and inspire you.

This does not claim to be high class poetry, it claims to be honest. In these poems you will find despair and hope, frustration and determination, humour and faith. They are shared because they might encourage or inspire someone who is going through something similar. At times like this, you can find that God is very close, you just have to look up and not down at your problems. And most of all, never give up.

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