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Phantom of Loneliness

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Monica’s experience demonstrates that loneliness is to a large extent a state of the mind. We therefore want to give considerable thought to how we feel about issues such that we do not allow sentiments to overshadow our soundness of mind. For youths in particular, it is evident there are desires incidental to these ones as they grow into adulthood. The environment plays a major role in shaping the flexible mind of the young ones as they interact with colleagues and others in the society. The interaction just mentioned plays the role of the fertile soil on which youthful desires grow. Little wonder why it is necessary for parents to monitor the activities of their children with a view to giving necessary corrections and direction, without which they are more likely to become victims of negative influence.
Without knowing it, all of us may become tools in the hands of the things that we think we enjoy and which we at the same time take for granted. For younger ones though the situation becomes even more dangerous because they are largely naïve. It is the duty of parents therefore, to spend not just quality time but time enough to ensure they reach the hearts of their wards.
Experiences have shown that material possessions which many parents work so hard to acquire have failed to compensate for the moral assets which time plays a significant role to acquire. Maintaining a balance in allocating time both for training our children and for secular and material pursuits is indeed a wise course to take if we truly desire to snatch these ones from the monster seeking them to devour.
Fortunately for Monica, she was able to retrace her steps thus leading to a success story. Noteworthy too was the sincere efforts of her parents and siblings who, although contributed indirectly to the unfortunate scenario and consequently would share blame, but also eventually did their best to rescue one of their own from self-destruction. They refused to give up on Monica but were gentle on her, carefully choosing their words to avoid aggravating an already terrible situation. If they had done otherwise however, this could have resulted in driving her into a state of despair with dire consequences.
In this setting, loneliness has been limited to its direct effect on teenagers. It is therefore, imperative for these ones to speak out when they face challenges so as to access practical counsels and direction toward making the right choices in life.
It is a statement of fact that anyone separating himself will not be in a position to acquire additional skills beyond his own and when these are sorely needed he would be helpless. Had Monica reached out beyond her myopic mind, her fears concerning the family’s relocation would have been turned into expectations. Fear, on many occasions has turned out to be a product of wrong perceptions which if not properly addressed could snowball into desperation.

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