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Namibia Political History, and Constitutional Layout

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Namibia Political History, and Constitutional Layout. Political Parties and Namibia Environment. A History Book on Namibia. In 1990, after a century of colonial rule, foreign domination and white racial supremacy, Namibia finally gained its long-sought political independence. With independence came a neo-liberal constitutional dispensation, which received world-wide acclaim. The essence of engaging in the constitution- writing process was stressed by Okoth-Ogendo, who pointed to the increasing complexities of modern contemporary societies, especially when it comes to the organisation and regulation of the interrelationships between not only the various organs of state, but also those acting in the name of the state and the citizenry. In his view, these interrelationships can no longer be steered by age-old conventions and practices; today they require purposefully engraved systems of rules, norms and values

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