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Rwanda Political History, and Crises

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Rwanda Political History, and Crises. Rwanda Genocide. Rwanda Economy, Rwanda government A History Book on Rwanda More than 20 years after the genocide, Rwanda has become one of the most repressive countries in Africa, continuing its antidemocratic trajectory as the government works to close civic space in the run up to the contentious 2017 elections. Despite these conditions, Rwanda is perceived as a “stabilizing” factor in an increasingly volatile region, causing many to fear that its deteriorating human rights record will be overlooked.
David Himbara is the United States and Canada coordinator for Democracy in Rwanda Now and recently testified before Congress on the worsening human rights situation in Rwanda. He spent six years working for President Paul Kagame, most notably as chairman of the Rwanda Development Board, where he was instrumental in spurring Rwanda’s economic development. After recognizing the increasingly violent nature of the Kagame regime, Himbara fled to South Africa in January 2010, where he was subjected to harassment and threats. He was eventually forced to flee to Canada in 2013

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