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Vehicle Testing Meters

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This book was written for the professional auto/truck, as well as the interested “do it yourself” week-end, mechanic.
I have been a student, technician, and teacher. During my career I have wondered, questioned, assumed, used gut feelings, diagnosed, troubleshot, tested, scanned, and scoped.
The years of work I have performed could not have been as
successful had I not had a thorough basic understanding of the
vehicle testing meters that are used to diagnose and troubleshoot vehicle electrical and electronic problems. This book covers, in detail with 159+ photos and illustrations, how to select, when and how to use the volt, Ohm, and amp features of test meters, as well as the inductive pick-up, also called an amp clamp, current clamp, or current probe. During my years of teaching I have had many conversations with working automotive and truck technicians that have given me insight into testing techniques that they have used. These are shared in this book.
If you are not familiar with the features and limitations of today’s vehicle testing meters and inductive pickups, this book is for you. Thank you for your interest in learning.

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