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We Need To Talk About This

Length: 246 pages3 hours


Soon, we will be able to order our babies with brightly fluorescent skin, stellar IQs, and predetermine that they will become excellent pianists or basketball players, or both.

This could be a very good development. It could also go horribly wrong. What do you think? We could be creating a society that will become highly unbalanced and spin out of control.

Is it true that the taller your child is, the more successful he or she will be? A case can just as easily be made for creating people who are as short as possible.

Is the nature of the thresholds non-mainstream people encounter truly an inherent part of their conditions or does society still create too many of those hindrances?

After all, we have many emancipatory developments going on and haven't even completed the full integration of women in society yet.

Not so long ago, women were not allowed to go to university or own businesses and we used to stick all non-mainstream people into asylums. We also used to be convinced that humans were the only animals with cognitive abilities and emotions.

Science does not always get it right and the promotion of technological progress for the sake of itself can have downsides.

Maybe it is wise to stop for a moment and think carefully about all the procreative goodies that we want to indulge in. We need to reach a global consensus on these matters and that means that some of us will have to take a step back, or pause, while others step forward and hop-skip ahead.

These are some of the issues I explore in this book. I also take a look at the legal side of a basic guideline that I came up with in a logical, non-emotional way.

Hank Greely (Stanford University): “I certainly agree that “we have to talk about this.” Changes in reproduction are coming; we can be unprepared or partially prepared but the latter will require a lot of talking. And reading, and writing." (Used with permission.)

Also available as paperback.

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