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Gods, Chinchillas and Totos: The Real World Series, #2

Length: 123 pages1 hour


The Real World Episode 1 Doilies, Tiaras and Blood. This is a fantasy comedy about an Elf (Windwalker) who can kill you five ways before you hit the ground but who is really nice, a precocious old expert wizard (Greystone) and a tough Dwarf (Grux), who loves doiles.

The Real World Episode 2 is Gods, Chinchillas and Toto. This is The next episode about Windwalker, Greystone and Grux. Living in our world now (The Real World) they begin to travel to other worlds from here. This world is the hub world; from here all fictional worlds can be traveled to. When the characters travel to the Film Noire world and meet private detective, Marlowe Spade, who is looking for the Maltese Chinchilla, chaos, action and oddities ensue as Marlowe's world somehow gets mixed with the world of Oz!

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