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The Ring of the Queen (The Lost Tsar Trilogy Book 1)

Length: 320 pages5 hours


The legend of the survival of the Romanovs is alive and well and has surfaced in modern Russia. Stacey, a college student from the farmlands of Indiana learned a lot about Soviet history from her grandma, an aficionado on the subject. When her grandma dies, she gives Stacey a mysterious ring and tells her never to let it out of her sight. In her first year of college, Stacey takes an opportunity to go to Russia and learn about the Tsars; the part of Russian history that her grandma didn't teach her. Upon her arrival, she finds out that the ring she carries is part of an ancient decree that entitles her to the throne of Russia, and she discovers that she is the last direct connection to the Romanovs. She soon discovers that the corrupt Russian President has been following her family, is aware of who she is and knows that she is in Russia. Will the President catch her? Will she get to keep the ring or simply get out of Russia alive? The adventure begins in part one of The Ring of the Queen trilogy where a young girl finds out about her past and decides where exactly that takes her future. Find out how Stacey deals with her lineage as she travels across western Russia in this epic conflict.

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