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Selected Poems 2013-2017

Length: 91 pages35 minutes


Prescient poems are my specialty, and in here you'll find some of my darkest predictions from the last four years. You'll also find light romantic poetry, lucid prose and personal insights. These are my most exciting and penetrating poems, and I chose them for this volume for the simple reason that they compel the reader to look out of new windows on the world.

What's a poet worth without prescience? A poet that can't capably see into the future offers up only static, unmemorable verse. The whole point of my Memorable Verse series is to leave an impression on the reader, who then will later recall that I predicted they would see certain events occur.

It's difficult to put predictions to paper these days, what with the uncertainty in Washington, D.C. Will the Trump card of the would-be aristocrats (have no doubt that that is what he is, behind the scenes) turn out to be an ineffectual clown-president, or will we see his agenda of domestic hatred and xenophobic imperialism unfold in a bloodbath of historical proportions? Time will tell.

These poems are selected primarily on the basis of readers' enthusiasm for them, as well as my own estimation of how clearly I convey the central messages. I have skipped most of my semi-autobiographical poems in favor of verse that illuminates the worlds of my readers. Please return and leave a review, or at least a rating - nothing changes without feedback, and I need that connection from readers to know what they might like in the future.

Sixty-odd poems, ~9300 words. Absolutely 18+.

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