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An Avocado CookBook: Top 70 Easy & Tasty Avocado Recipes

Length: 119 pages46 minutes


Studies show that one avocado per day included in your diet will help prevent sicknesses and diseases. Avocados are great health boosters; their soft, delicate, creamy and delicious texture would make every meal very unique. 
In this book you will discover, learn and enjoy 70 sumptuous avocado recipes, with an easy step by step approach to making
avocado breakfast recipes, 
avocado lunch recipes, 
avocado dinner recipes, 
avocado dessert recipes, 
avocado beverage recipes,
avocado Wrap recipes, and much more..
The irresistible beauty and deliciousness of avocados added to your daily diet and the burst of nourishment and vitality your body will receive cannot be exhausted.

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