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Dancing Through the Digital Revolution

Length: 183 pages2 hours


"Dancing Through the Digital Revolution is a playbook for marketing and advertising professionals"- Linda Thaler Kaplan

Digital marketing and communications can be a confusing industry; one that is continually changing and evolving, making it hard to keep up with new technology, methodologies and what is currently working.

'Author Danny Flamberg, one of America's most respected practitioners of digital communications, cuts through vague terms and marketing hype, which will help both newcomers and seasoned veterans in the marketing and media industry find clarity, understanding, valuable insights and advice. A superb writer, Flamberg uses piercing intellect and vivid storytelling to splinter the gushing firehose of modern marketing into small streams of valuable and actionable insight. 'DancingThrough the Digital Revolution' will help you take the right steps in your digital marketing journey.' - Jerry Bernhart

The book is a compilation of witty, insightful essays including:
•Loyalty is a Function of Love & Money
•Customer Experience According to Chef Bouley
•5 Deadly Lead Generation Sins
•You Are Your MarTech Stack
•Why MadMen Aren't Embracing MathMen
•Does Social Media Work?

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