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His Duty

Length: 43 pages27 minutes


Sgt. Brad Hope knows his duty and will not be distracted. His will is strong, but when the right woman comes along he knows he can't keep his hands off.

Janet is a Christian girl who always loves to tease, but has never lived anywhere open-minded enough to try going all the way.

Janet: When I first saw Sgt. Hope coming to my car door, I was terrified. Then I saw his taunt rear and strong, powerful arms. I know my parents wouldn't agree, but just a little teasing can't hurt. Can it?

Sgt. Brad Hope: My duty is my life. I've been a cop for 20 years since I got out of high school. There's nothing I haven't seen and nothing anyone can do that will surprise me. Yet, Janet's long blond hair and pale complexion and look of Innocent interest is too much for me. What am I to do?

Warning: This book is a short, hot affair between a bulky, masculine cop and a 23 year old girl that doesn't yet know what it feels like to be a woman. An ultra alpha male and a young woman just learning the ropes. It contains the kind of writing that your mother would definitely disagree about you reading. Enjoy with a warm glass of something on hand.

This book book also contains two extra bonus stories. First is Gym Shower Sex (a short and hot story) and the second is For His Birthday (pleasing him with a HEA).

Not finding what you are looking for? Sophie Sin has written over 500 erotic short stories and 300 gay stories under the pen name Dick Powers. There is something for everyone with Sophie Sin.

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