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Machine Gun Kelly: Flying High to Success Weird and Interesting Facts on Richard Colson Baker!

Length: 27 pages13 minutes


Do you know the new tough-talking rapper from Cleveland named Machine Gun Kelly? He’s been in the movies, he’s been in stage and his music is all around today! Did you know that his manager is a t-shirt shop owner, that MGK have convinced him to be his manager and agreed for a deal? Did you know that he got his moniker being the MGK from a former gangster back in the days, but his is through his words? MGK has been through a lot. Did you know that his mother left home and never returned when he was still very young? And for a young kid  having no parents is not only psychologically impairing but also physically and emotionally, thank god he did not went nuts! Would you like to know more about this Machine Gun Words firing guy?

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