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The Rough And Tumble Mail Order Bride

Length: 77 pages1 hour


Sweet western novella.

Lissy Bordon rode into Turner's Creek and stopped at the bath house first thing. She needed to wash off the trail dust before she wed Devin Turner. She had a brand new pair of buckskins for the wedding too. She hoped Devin would be pleased with her because she wasn't changing the way she was for anyone.

Devin Turner found his mail order bride at the bath house. She was a beautiful woman and he wed her like he promised.

When he took her home, his brother, Mike, was bound and determined to make him and his new wife miserable, always challenging Lissy to outshoot him.

To complicate matters, someone was poisoning his cattle and he needed to find out who it was. When Lissy put herself in harm's way to help him, he prayed she didn't end up dead.

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