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Martin Garrix: Flying High to Success Weird and Interesting Facts on Martijn Gerard Garritsen!

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Do you know the world’s most iconic rapper – Martin Garrix? Yep, he is the one and the only…he is an EDM DJ kid with a Dutch descent. Did you know that he has the crown of being named as one of the best DJs of all time…? Did you know that Martin had gotten so caught up and has fallen head over heels with Tiesto’s music? And that Martin admitted that Tiesto is the reason behind his success? Did you know that Tiesto, his freaking IDOL actually became his mentor and that Tiesto himself actually became inspired by Martin’s hard work, talent and achievements? This kid really has a lot up his sleeve, even his IDOL is inspired by his success! I mean come on! So if you want to learn more about Martin Garrix facts or you just want to know about his music, then grab your copies and share it with your co-Martin- Garrix fans too! Did you know that while he was having an interview with Billboard, he specifically said that he felt sad for the SOS children, he says that it is just heartbreaking to see those children starving and without families, but as for him, what is more alarming and saddening to know is that there are now lots of children being abandoned from all parts of the world? This truly is a heartily given gratitude from a man who knows the most comfortable, easy, luxurious and the most fun side of life. I salute you for that Martin!

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