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When Shawn Serrell, a reporter for the Sheriton Post, foils an attempted robbery at Conway Plaza, he becomes a celebrity of sorts. A bachelor with a nose for news, he earns a bonus as well as a promotion to the mobile news unit. The police and Serrells boss congratulate him on both the breaking-news story and his heroism; however, the gang members involved in the thwarted robbery attempt may want to make Sherrell pay for what hes done. His newfound fame generates more publicity than he needs. Sherrell receives a mysterious phone call asking him to investigate wrongdoing at the Alma Welborn Institute, a private and government-funded institution catering to disabled veterans. This assignment intrigues Sherrell who has become known as a news-action magnet. But the price he must pay to cover the story may be too high. First, Sherrells apartment is struck by an arsonist, and he loses the paper evidence related to the hospital case. Then, his contact goes missing. Sherrell, who feels as if hes being continually followed, doesnt know who he should fear.
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