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A Peaceful Life is Possible

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This little book is a practical guide to help you grow mindfulness in everyday life. It offers a simple yet thorough introduction to vipassana / mindfulness meditation and explores the different aspects of life that can be made easier through a daily meditation practice; from driving to eating, and body image to creativity. We can all learn to navigate the days of our lives in greater harmony.
Part One explores what it's like to be a human being with a body/mind that thinks, feels, senses and remembers. It explains how mindfulness strengthens a sense of responding to, rather than reacting to life's ups and downs.
Part Two guides you through four simple yet powerful meditations, and explains how to easily integrate these into a daily routine.
Part Three explores situations, life stages and relationships we all find ourselves in, and shows how the cultivation of mindfulness and compassion changes them all for the better. Some areas covered are: Work, Communication, Getting Older, Emotions, Sexuality, Creativity and Solitude.
The Guided Meditation CD and Digital Download A Peaceful Mind is Possible can be used as a companion to this handbook. See to purchase.

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