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Byron and the Beauty

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Byron and the Beauty is very loosely based on Byron's biography and takes place during two weeks of October, 1809, during his visit to the Balkans. Muharem Bazdulj marvelously combines facts with imagination, history, and romance, resulting in an exceptionally beautiful novel. Lord Byron ends up experiencing and embodying the lyrical Balkan condition of unrequited love called sevdah, but his valiant behavior also lands him in a regional folk song; this nod to changing cultural production in the Ottoman lands calls to mind the works of Ismail Kadare. From coffee to customary law, from courtship rituals to the culture of conversation, Byron navigates the invigorating culture of the Balkans with the help of his Muslim and Jewish guides. Connoisseurs of Byron studies will find here an exciting reworking of the great poet's youth and also ample reflections on his world view and literary influences.

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