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The Black Petal (The Black Petal, #1)

300 pages4 hours


Acclaimed author of Here Lies Love, Dan Thompson, returns with an epic fantasy being described as A Game of Thrones for Teens!

Come and Enter this magical tale of fantasy and myth, battles and warriors, and meet the host of memorable characters.

Jack, a teenager from our present, and Blake, a Victorian assassin, are plucked from their homes and awaken in a new land; a realm of fantasy and myth. Drawn into a war between two rival races, they must each choose allies. Jack wants to get home. Blake wants revenge.

An Oracle has persuaded the Amazon Queen that a black petal will summon a powerful god who can grant them victory. A prophecy told long ago tells of a boy from another time who can discover this petal and the Amazon Queen is certain Jack is this boy. She offers him freedom and a way home in exchange.

Will Jack reach the petal in time or will he succumb to the yapping jaws of the mysterious creatures chasing him? And what of Blake? What is the connection between Jack and the assassin that will surely shape their future?

The Black Petal is the first adventure in an exciting new trilogy.

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