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Your Pain Your Ministry

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“Your Pain Your Ministry” is a guide book based on supreme instructions to pain management, with practical information to ensure a positive result, a remarkable output, and a fruitful end of any pain. From this book, you will acquire the intensive knowledge to avert any negative resolutions through learning the unprecedented ways of resolving issues associated with emotional and psychological pains. There are emotional battles and psychological warfare that will cause you unbearable pains in the world, you need to get prepared.

I feel your pain and I can do anything to make sure your pain is not a waste. But in matter of this great moment, I offer you this useful clue to deal with your sensitive problems and take advantage to build a stronger personality with a positive inclination to win your battles. Many people have ended up as losers because they were defeated by their pains, and it is so unfortunate.

Dealing with emotional and mental pains has been the most challenging task in the history of life. And failures to handling pain appropriately have influenced the development, civilization, and progress of human behaviors adversely and as well contributed negatively to the outcomes of many things in the world.

The dangers posing against our purposes, gifts, and blessings as a result of pain should not continue. It is high time we chose the most effective way of resolving our pains. It is high time we chose a positive way of understanding our pains. It is high time we stopped the evil being perpetrated through our pains.

Based on the logistics of thinking, pain is able to dominate our lives in the cubicles of our emotions, and allows us little or no control over the painful situations that usually invade us. Pain is the battle of the mind that can either produce a favorable outcome known as ministry provided you win or an unfavorable one known as death and evil if you lose.

The Precept has released this book to effectively communicate the wisdom and the understanding required to consciously analyze and manage every pain positively and efficiently. I assure you that “Your Pain Your Ministry” will grant you an amazing insight into the life of pain.

The book of Proverbs 4:7 says: wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.

Your pain is a principality which only a principal thing can subdue and defeat. Think about it. What can you do if you let your pain overwhelm you? Good or evil! Where would you go if you let your pain to conquer you? Heaven or hell! Remember, the dead don’t feel. But, take note that you never conquered your pain if you took your own life because of it.

You need to stay alive to defeat your principality. You have to live to conquer your pain. Therefore, gain understanding and extract that principal thing called wisdom from this book which you necessarily need to live your life as if pain does not exist.

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