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A Sea Of Hope

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In the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to set aside time to appreciate our natural surroundings.
We are too busy with our daily challenges to marvel when we see a weaver bird building a nest for its young. The weaver bird has only the use of its beak and feet to create a safe and secure environment. If we made the time to observe this wonder of God’s Creation we would be inspired to use our time wisely. We could then accomplish much more than we set out to do.
There is a sense of peace which finds its way to our inner-most-being as we stand on the edge of the sea watching the rolling waves. As the sun sets and the darkness engulfs us, the moon illuminates the sky. Gazing upwards we are reminded that the moonlit sky is a privilege of freedom that everyone is able to admire and celebrate.
This book is an insight into the natural beauty and enjoyable essence of Nature. This phenomenon forms the foundation by which we live our lives.
Karen Gallichan

Every formula which expresses a law of Nature is a hymn of Praise to God.
Maria Mitchell

You are one of the forces of Nature.
Jules Michelet

Like music and art, love of Nature is a common language that can transcend Political or Social boundaries.
Jimmy Carter

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