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Creeg: The Tellox book1

136 pages2 hours


A science fiction romance that begins a new series.
They were created, betrayed and nearly eradicated as a species.
The rest they did to themselves.
The Tellox are known as the finest warriors in every known galaxy, animalistic, powerful and infinitely hard to kill. They heal from nearly any wound and do not age. But they have no females left, and with the destruction of their bloodmates so long ago, nothing worth fighting for.
So they wander, they battle, and they hunt.
Most don't even remember what it is they search for, until Commander Creeg of the Tellox is exploring a new uninitiated world and chances upon the scent of new prey.
A small Earth female named Sara is about to change everything.

This is the start of a series and while the characters in this book will be in the next book and there is a continuation of story, each book will present a new romance to be enjoyed.
This is an alien abduction, fated mate romance with strong language and explicit sexual situations.

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