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Insights Into Eternity Study Guide

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Have you ever wondered what happens to you when you die? When you are dead, are you really “dead?” What did Jesus mean when He said that Lazarus was asleep? Will we be unconscious when we die? Is there an intermediate place, a purgatory that I will go to if I am not quite good enough? What does the Bible say? What did Jesus teach about hell when He spoke of the experiences of a real person who was sent there? What will our new bodies be like when Jesus comes for us? What will the New Jerusalem be like, and how can I make sure I am going to be a part of it? What is the Bride of Christ, and how can I be sure I will go to heaven? If you are interested in having answers to these questions and many more, this series is for you. This Bible study series is focused on exploring and explaining the Scriptures concerning what happens to believers and unbelievers after they leave this life.

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