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...As We Forgive Our Debtors: Twelve Steps to Self-Development, Spiritual Growth, Performing Miracles

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If you know nothing about dysfunctional families, you will never understand the chaos in Washington. Learn from those who escaped personal dysfunction, so you can maintain your national sanity. Most of us have never had a stepfather look us straight into the eye and lie. Or one who dictated our information sources. The same twelve steps, so successful with AA, have been adapted to dozens of other compulsions. This book is designed to deal with ALL special relationships at the same time. Whether you're trying to just survive the current chaos, or simply feel the need for a “tune up” in life, your prayers are finally answered. If you have friends in Twelve-Step or exposed to opioids, this guide will help you assist them without enabling. When both books are used together, you have the perfect “textbooks” for Debtors Anonymous. It's now time to deal with financial AND existential debt...for it is, as described in the author's first book, the “Year of Jubilee...”

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