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The Care and Feeding of 25 Popular Exotic Animals & Exotic Pets: Animal Facts On Chinchillas to Crocodiles and the Tortoise to the Tiger, and Every Exotic Pet in Between

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What species of exotic animals you want to adopt as pet is your first decision. Then, understand the qualities, needs, and problems related to the particular animal like humans are different from the other, so are animals. A brochure or a website might give a generalized view. But only when an in-depth study of the individual animal is done its true personality can be determined. The owner should also understand that some animals even after perfect training grow up to be more aggressive and undisciplined and on the other hand sometimes abused animals grow up to be perfect pets.

The owner and family members must question themselves whether they will become responsible owners or not. The size of the animal, when it is young and when it is fully grown should also be considered, as this is important factor deciding upon the environment to be provided to the animal. Initially potential owners portray a picture of cuddling and playing with the pet. This sure is feasible only if the exotic animals do not grow very big. If a household exotic pet is desired, its fully grown weight should range from eighteen to forty pounds to be adopted as a pet.

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