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My Ayahuasca Nightmare

Length: 206 pages2 hours


Tracy Waters first wrote this book under the title ‘From Rape to Forgiveness and the Journey home’. The book was taken from diaries and memoirs written over a period of ten years while trying to heal from a painful divorce, and a long recovery from a car accident. The failing of western medicine found her down in Peru looking for alternative methods to heal from a diagnosis of brain damage. From there she takes you on an often-terrifying journey of holistic healing through shamanism and Ayahuasca. The administrators of this very divine plant were discovered to be very inappropriate shamans residing down in Peru in the Amazon rain forest. These shamans and their North American apprentices had nothing but their own greed and interests in mind. Risking her life and health, Ms. Waters shares her journey as she discovers that dark energies (black magic) sent to her kept her suicidal and a previous gang rape kept her constantly internalizing pain. In the unfolding of the story Waters exposes the many people that carry very dark hearts as they pass themselves off as healers with intentions of taking money and the manipulating the souls of the ones they were hired to heal.
As she considered shelfing the first publication her conscious got the better of her, and she decided to release the book under a far more suitable title for the circumstances that followed and the years of torment she went through after trusting the shamans of Peru. Her belief is nobody should ever again go through what she went through, and it has been proven that the many stories being spoken out loud have slowed down the black magic, and the seductions that for years were coming out of the jungle daily! If you have a story to tell that could save just one life, it must be told! This is Tracy’s story.

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